Thursday, December 20, 2007

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Email from Bachelor Brad Womack: Explains Himself

Found this around the 'net today. Not sure if its authentic but after reading it, it sounds like it is something he wrote. Apparently he wrote it to his cousin Peggy and she forwarded it to a friend and so on and so on.


I don't really know where to begin my email because I don't know if you're
part of the half of America that is disgusted with my choice or part of the
half that respects it. I am hoping that you are of the latter; if not, I
hope this email will at least answer some of the questions that have been
thrown my way in the last few days.

First, let me say this. I did not ask to do the show; a friend of mine
submitted my information because she thought I would make a good candidate.
In fact, my initial reaction to the producers was "absolutely not".
Hollywood can be very convincing when it wants to be and after some time I
agreed to give it a shot. I truly went on The Bachelor to try to find a
good woman that I may develop strong feelings for. That is the only reason.
I did not go on it for publicity of the bars. I did not go on it to use as
some sort of "stepping stone" into entertainment. I simply went on the show
to use it as it was meant to be try to find a romantic interest.
Yes, it's unconventional but also adventurous at the sime time.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into (but that is another story that
would take too long to write in an email). I want to clear up some
misconceptions of the general public that I can only hope you and the rest
of the family are not inclined to believe.

First: Due to my contract, I was NOT ALLOWED to tell the women that I wasn't
interested in them until the respective rose ceremonies. In other words, if
I realized a relationship was not going to come out of the show, no matter
how early on this revelation may have happened, I simply could not walk off
the show. I was constantly reminded there was a show to make and that I
would be sued for breach of contract. I never one time misled the
ladies...NOT ONCE. I was not allowed to tell anyone that my feelings
weren't strong enough to try to build a relationship on. I never once
uttered the word love. The only time I mentioned "soulmate", and I promise
you with everything that I have that this is true, the producers edited that
sentence to make it sound as if I labled Deanna as my soulmate, which I
assure you I didn't. I admit that I did say that she was everything I was
looking for. I said she'd make a great wife. I said I could see spending
my life with someone like Deanna. What America wasn't shown is that in
every interview that I said things like that about the women I immediately
followed up those statements with a "but". "Deanna would make a great
wife....BUT, I don't understand why I don't see her as my wife". Things
like that were said the entire show but were never aired.

Second: The only reason I went ring shopping is because it was part of the
show's itinerary. I wasn't asked if I wanted to buy a ring...I was TOLD I
was going to be filmed buying a ring. That particular day took place almost
five days prior to the final rose ceremony and even then I knew a proposal
wasn't going to take place. I informed the producers of this and that is
when things started to turn interestingly different. I was no longer their
"golden boy" and I began to get the impression that I was going to be thrown
under the editorial bus. People think I kept the ring. I had the ring in
my possession for all of 2 hours MAXIMUM. In fact, Peggy, I told the
producers that there is NO WAY I would ever allow anyone to buy a ring that
I was going to give to a woman I love. I was very clear about the fact that
if I was going to propose to someone I would buy my own ring.

Third (and this is a biggie): I NEVER ASKED THE PRODUCERS TO FLY DEANNA'S
FATHER OUT TO THE FINAL ROSE CEREMONY. What actually happened is I was
adamant about the fact that if I ever propose to a woman I would have to ask
her father, face to face, for her hand in marriage. I said a phone call
would not be sufficient because I would want to look him in the eye and ask
for her hand. A day later I was told that Deanna's father was in route to
Malibu. I was shocked. When I realized there was no turning back, I asked
for a mere hour to talk to her father and explain that 1) I didn't request
his presence, 2) I wanted to apologize for the show wasting his time, and 3)
I wanted to tell him that as much as I cared for Deanna I was not in love
with her and did not intend on proposing to her. I think the world of
Deanna's family and I always will.

I don't have commitment issues. In fact, the majority of my adult life has
been spent in some incredible, long term, committed relationships. What I
do fear is wasting time. As good of a person as Deanna is I didn't feel a
single bit of falling in love. So why lead her on? Why try to start a
relationship based on "Bachelor protocal"?? My goodbye to both women may
have seemed harsh because of the brutal honesty. If I need to work on being
more sympathetic than I will accept that. All I can say is I've had women
at one point or other say to me "I don't love you anymore". As much as it
hurt me at the time, I later greatly appreciated the honesty. I would much
rather have someone tell me that than string me along or toy with my heart.

No one in this world is perfect. All I know is I can walk away from this
experience with my head held very high. I know in my heart that I was
honest with all parties involved. I never one time lied or said and/or did
anything that I didn't mean or want to do.

I hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving and that you are doing well.


Friday, December 7, 2007

Online Bullying: Should Laws be Made?

I am sure you all have heard of this story where a 13yr old girl killed herself after a woman poses as a boy on myspace and demeans and talks down to this girl.

Prosecutors say no laws were broken.

A girl kills herself over statements made.

What do you all think?,2933,315684,00.html

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Baby Got Back: Wedding Video...Hilarious

This couple has gained quick fame for having their first dance be nontraditional. They did their first dance to "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix A Lot. If you have not watched this video yet, you need to, it is FUNNY. I give a lot of respect out for these two for changing things up a bit.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Although the whole darned holiday is overshadowed by this Black Friday stuff....but for those of us who do not want to join the mob at Walmart: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Yes this is another Bachelor Post

Ok so WHAT THE HECK happened on the Bachelor?????

He could not pick even ONE girl? I am not saying he had to propose to one, but damn he could have at least committed to at least DATING about FEAR of commitment!!!!

And then on the After the Final Rose special......ummmm How awkward was that??? Brad kept saying how much he liked DeAnna and thinks about her but he could not give a reason as to why he wont date her. Ummm confused much?

I feel like I totally wasted my time on that show this season. They had to go find the cutest, sexiest man who cant even commit to dating a girl.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Work at Home Blog

Check out my new blog:

I will have loads of information on working at home, saving money and fun stuff to read in between.

Check it out now!!!!


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